Plot Important Characters Needed

Aaron Johnson as Clopin
Candice Accola as Charlotte La Bouff
Jessica Szohr as Nani
Michelle Trachtenberg as Ursula
Sean Berdy as Oliver

Welcome To Fairytale Hogwarts! The students walking these halls may look a little familiar to you. The girl singing by the lake to the birds about a boy she met once upon a dream, the boy fighting to go the distance and prove himself to everyone else, and that girl with the raccoon eyes that’s sneaking out of the kitchens: you know them all. What would happen if the characters from the wonderful world of Walt Disney, both good and bad, attended the world’s most mysterious school of magic? Join our family and find out!

Fairytale Hogwarts has everything you love about rping. Here we are developing fresh new plots, and you will find bios that have a wide range of characteristics giving each character their own unique back story that you can develop off of as you see fit. As well as a high quality roleplaying experience, we have the kind of tight knit ooc community that is hard to find elsewhere. Come join us in a land where the magic of Hogwarts meets the magic of Disney to form a roleplay that will make you wonder why you hadn’t joined sooner.

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